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Terry Henderson - Log Tool Inventor

Turning a hobby into a business and then to my invention. I always loved the outdoors, and working wood. Building log homes, restoration of hundreds of homes, building custom decks, and rails led me to this idea.

Portable Log Cutting Machine

What I did is basically made one huge 6 inch hole saw bit, created a holding system for two 6 inch logs, and welded all this together in a portable fashsion that can be transported to any job site. I have seen these made for cement work, and smaller ones to drill out a door knob, but my invenvention is super cool!!

I made only one prototype Cabin. See below
Step (1) get walls up in 8 hours
Step (2) make sure to get a perfect fit
Step (3) make sure you have strong skids

During the making of my first prototype Cabin, the stranges thing happened. It snowed for 10 straight hours, and the next day it was sunny and melted all the snow away.
I took out my camera and tried to document the stages:
Snow Sorm
Roof is on and the snow was melting
The Cabin was almost completed.
Stain was added, and the wood stove was installed
2 Day Project and ready for a guest.

I told you it was cool huh? I made another tool that connects to small 3 inch logs that you can't pull apart , demo coming soon, right after patent pending ...