Experience | Horsedrawn Carriage & Limo Service

Edmonds Horsedrawn Carriages

While on holiday in Italy, I fell in love with the horse and carriages. (Carrozza, Trasorto)

I am always thinking of ideas, and felt Edmonds & Italy would be the perfect match.

With over 5 empty acres of Woodway bluff, my dreams were about to come true.

With help of my good friend Gary Nelson,and other my friend Police Chief Dan Prinz, I able to create a new law called; Horse Taxis (Chapter 4.85)

Staging in front of local restaurants like Anthony's, Seattle Stlye (closed), Arnies, Cafe De Paris, Chanterelles, I would offer locals a ride around Edmonds, and down Sunset Ave.

Many people enjoyed my services, like Monica Hart (Kiro-7), but the one thing that to this day touched my heart was when a precous 8 year old named "Chelsea Randall" was published in the Seattle Times for her drawing of my horse Tony.