Experience | Cable-Internet-Telephone Industry

Terry Henderson - The Cable Guy

Regardless of how much management experience I had with previous jobs, starting out as an installer helped.

When I first got into the cable business I really appriciated learning every aspect of the cable industry. I started out in Everett Washington as a basic installer. Besides learning the basic install and configuration of a multitude of TV sets, VCR's, DVD's, splitters, and phone lines, the most important thing I learned was customer service. The most important person was my customer!! Moving up the ladder, I worked in a number of different locations and systems: Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, Seattle, Redmond, NorthBend, Spokane, Portland,

I learned a lot in the cable industry, and it provided me with a lot of transferable skills.

Cable Experience

Install areial & underground drops.
Install wall fished cable, cat6 and phone lines.
Installing and repairing cable service.
Troubleshooting picture quality and customer equipment.
Ensure top quality installation and customer satisfaction.
Installing VoIP phone/repairing.
Installing internet/repairing.
Installed Cable service in multi/single family homes.
Performed all duties of a Network Cable Installer.
Supervised a crew of 300 installers.
Managed a number of departments in Olympia, Seattle, and Redmond. Work with engineers, and rebuild department

Comcast took over the At&T operations, and all managers making over 150k were laid off, and my Redmond location was closed.
I moved on and into computer college for a new career.