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Grace (Hagen) Henderson

Born July 26, 1941 to present. Mother of six children. Lorraine, Rosemary, Terry, Chuck, Keith, and Steve. Father was Bob Hagen, Mother was Alberta Hagen. Grandmother was Ethel (Dana) Lane. Ethel's father was Luther Dana, and husband was Rev. George B. Lane. This is Mom who can't stop laughing

Alberta (Lane) Hagen - Hutchinson

Born May 3, 1911 in Canada. Died Feb 26, 1975. Father was Rev. George B. Lane. George's wife was Ethel (Dana) Lane. 1st Husband (Bob Hagen), 2nd Husband Andrew Hutchison. Buried at Acacia Funeral Wall in Lake City, Washington. Alberta had two sisters, Ruth & Ester.Picture of: Terry, Ruth, Ester, Alberta

Ethel Dana Lane

Born June 3, 1893 in Kansas. Died Feb 12, 1991 Crista Nursing Home Seattle, WA. She and Mike Martin started a small church in north Seattle called Kings Garden. Ethel taught kindergarten for more than 30 years at Kings. My aunt Ester Hatfield (Hatfield Pharmacy Edmonds, Stevens Hospital)also taught school at Kings, and my mother Grace went to school there too. Letter1, Letter2, Letter3, Letter4, Letter5, Dana_1, Dana_2, Dana_3(pdf),

Luther Dana (Ethel's Father)

Luther Otis Dana born Nov 28, 1859 Iowa wife Laura May Chamberlin. His dad was Alfred Luther Dana born Jan 18, 1833 Ohio wife Elizabeth Leisure. His dad was Rev. Alfred Dana born Oct 06, 1806 Ohio wife Anne Tully Pratt. His dad was Luther Dana Sept 22, 1773 Mass wife Grace Sloan. His dad was Capt. William Dana Sept 29, 1749 Mass wife Mary Bancroft. His dad was William Dana 1703 Mass wife Mary Greene. His dad was Benjamin Dana 1659 wife Mary Buckminster. His dad was Richard Dana 1617-1690 Manchester England wife Anne Bullard. His dad was Robert Dana 1571-1644 yeMylne Gate Mill Street Manchester, England. Richard son was Francis Dana.